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Getting started!

Aghhhhhh! One day not so long ago, the photoblog site I used suddenly disappeared from view. No contact, no details or reasons given and my wanderings and photos were sadly left without a home. It was a comfortable, friendly, supportive home, shared by photo enthusiasts like myself. Now, I am looking for a new home so WordPress….. here I am! This photo was taken in the Tate Modern Gallery in London. (Reflection in glass….. not exhibit, haha!)

4 responses to “Getting started!”

  1. congrads, Geoff, good start 🙂 waiting for new post and amazing photos


    1. Thank you so much for your help and encouragement.

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  2. Reblogged this on Neurociencias divertidas and commented:
    queridos lectores, les presento el blog de mi muy buen amigo Geoff Brown, un emblemático profesor inglés que vive en Perú toda una vida dando lo mejor de él para este hermoso país y sus nuevas generaciones.


    1. Again, thanks! After a large quantity of learning experiences I am getting the hang of how WordPress works. I now quite often manage to press the right buttons….. but not always. Trial and error is a good way of learning!

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