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Welcome to my pages of wanderings and wonderings, just me and my camera! Whether it be far away, or just around the corner, there is beauty to see and stories to tell……………..click!

Tate Modern – London.

Aghhhhhh! One day not so long ago, the photoblog site I used suddenly disappeared from view. No contact, no details or reasons given and my wanderings and photos were sadly left without a home. It was a comfortable, friendly, supportive home, shared by photo enthusiasts like myself. Now, I am looking for a new home so WordPress….. here I am! This photo was taken in the Tate Modern Gallery in London. (Reflection in glass….. not exhibit, haha!)


Recent Random Photos

Sunset on approach to New York
Woke up last night at 3.00 am and saw this out of the
window… full moon and planet,
Portobello Road, London
London Eye + full moon + planet (I think)

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