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Tate Modern – London.

Aghhhhhh! One day not so long ago, the photoblog site I used suddenly disappeared from view. No contact, no details or reasons given and my wanderings and photos were sadly left without a home. It was a comfortable, friendly, supportive home, shared by photo enthusiasts like myself. Now, I am looking for a new home so WordPress….. here I am! This photo was taken in the Tate Modern Gallery in London. (Reflection in glass….. not exhibit, haha!)

  • Tales of Lima – My 5 km Back Garden
    Well, maybe it isn’t my back garden, or perhaps it is? It is a five kilometre long cliff-top park just a hundred yards from where I live. I go there every day, sometimes early in the morning, sometimes in the […]
  • Arequipa – A glimpse in Photos.
    Arequipa is the second largest city in Peru, situated in the Andes in the south of the country. It is cradled between  three volcanoes, Misti, Chachani and Picchu-Picchu.  It takes about seventeen hours to drive there from Lima or alternatively,  […]
  • Village Life in Huancavelica, Peru
    Huancavelica is one of the twenty-five Regions of Peru. It has no large towns and is one of the poorest and least visited by tourists. In the middle of the region, near the town of Pampas is a little “caceria” […]
  • Tales of Lima – Pucusana, a fishing town south of Lima
    The Town The fishing town of Pucusana is a sixty km. drive from Lima. Leaving the Panamericana Highway, you drive for about ten minutes to the coast through the desert. Then, over the crest of the last hill, the town comes into […]
  • Edelweiss – one of my songs.
    The edelweiss is a rare flower which grows high up in the Alps. Its rarity comes from growing on rocky crags, places difficult for people to access. As such, this beautiful flower has become a symbol of strength, sacrifice and […]
  • Mollendo ( A town in Southern Peru)
    Mollendo is a small town in the south of Peru. Some good friends stay for part of the year in the neighbouring town of Mejia, so taking advantage of this I am able to visit Mollendo regularly. Getting There David […]
  • Tales of Lima 8 – Goodbye Lima …. The Journey Ahead.
    Tales of Lima 8 – Goodbye Lima …The Journey Ahead. The fourth and last episode of  “How I ended up in Lima”! This is about our epic overland trip on the way to  England after getting married.  Just to set […]
  • Tales of Lima 7 – On the road again (temporarily) from Lima!
    This is Episode 3 of  “How I ended up in Lima”.  Just to set the scene, here  is  a quick review of the two previous episodes. Episode 1 – Giving up my job in England  and going on the road…..all […]
  • A Click in Time 6 – Snippets from London
    For the last two weeks my daily choice of photos for the “Friends of Photoblog” Challenge have been on the theme of London. This is mainly because I will be there soon, this time with my grandchildren who have never […]
  • Tales of  Lima 6 –  Staying on in Lima!
    Here,  the continuing  saga  about how I ended up in Lima.  In the first episode, I described how my early travelling had made an enormous influence on my life.  After giving up my job I had now arrived in Lima. […]
  • Tales of Lima 5 – The Asia Beaches – the Story of Contrasts in Peru.
    Asia – As I remember it! One hundred kilometres south of Lima is a place called Asia. I remember passing Asia about thirty years ago. In those days, the road traced a straight line penetrating through the arid desert.   There […]
  • A Click in Time 5 – Lima – Beaches, Birds, Crosses and Street Art.
    A mixed bag of odd photos posted over the last two weeks for the “Friends of Photoblog” daily photo challenge. There is a different “theme” for every day of the week, for instance, night photography, light/lighting etc. However, I confess […]
  • Tales of Lima 4 –  Forty Years in Peru! How it Started!
    First Experiences How did I end up living in Lima for so many years? Some people have asked me that question over the last couple of weeks. I guess it has to do with my passion for travelling which began […]
  • Jack the Ripper – revisited.
    It was the year 1888, in the impoverished area of Whitechapel in East London. Lurking in the dark, unlit streets, Jack the Ripper was waiting for another victim. His victims were always young women. He would slit their throats and […]
  • A Click in Time 4 – Mist, Smoke and Fire.
    It’s the time for two more weeks of selections from the “Friends of Photoblog” daily photo  challenge, fourteen photos in all. As in previous posts I will place the day of the week and the category the photo belongs to  under […]
  • Lima – A Love Song
    I stumbled into Lima in 1979 planning to stay for just a few days. I ended up staying for about a year. After more travelling and a few years in a teaching post in England, I knew I would have […]
  • A Click in Time 3
    Two more weeks have passed. Here again are two week’s worth of photos for the “Friends of Photoblog” daily challenge. As before I will place the title of the photo and the day/category it represents under each selection. At the […]
  • Festivity of the “Virgin de la Candelaria”, Puno – 3 (After the “Gran Parada”)
    The End of the Parade! Two weeks of festival are coming to an end. As the dancers and musicians terminate their long parade through the streets, it is time to relax, eat, drink and be merry. Here is the third […]
  • Festivity of the “Virgin de la Candalaria”, Puno  2 – “La Gran Parada”
    The big day has arrived. Everyone is ready! 40,000 dancers and 9,000 musicians are ready to take the three kilometre journey through the streets of Puno.  The festival has been going on for nearly two weeks, and now it is […]
  • A Click in Time 2
    Here is the second installment of photos for the new “Friends of Photoblog” daily challenge. Fourteen photos, that is to say … two weeks of pictures. Under each photo, a mention of the specific category for each photo. These are […]
  • Festivity of the “Virgin de la Candelaria”, Puno – 1  (The first days!)
    LA FIESTA DE LA VIRGIN DE LA CANDELARIA, PUNO The First Days….. The Fiesta de la Candelaria is one of the largest festivals in Latin America, second only to the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The festivities begin in the […]
  • Izcuchaca – a small Andean Village
    I had never heard of the village Izcuchaca before. I didn’t even  know it existed. However, discovering  this jewel of the Peruvian Sierra was a great and very special experience for me. On arriving in Peru, many years ago, a […]
  • Huancavelica
    According to one travel guide, Huancavelica, in the Peruvian Sierra, is one of the Peruvian towns least visited by tourists. Peru is divided into twenty-four “Departamentos” Huancavelica is one of these regions, and its capital goes by the same name, […]
  • A Click in Time 1
    The New Year ….. and new categories for the “Friends of Photoblog” daily challenge. So,  it is the early hours of January 1st, 2023  and I will start with music, and the  theme  “Light/Lighting” The band has stopped, the fun […]
  • A Bit of Everything 10
    Here are the latest selections for the “Friends of Photoblog” Daily Challenge. As from the New Year renewed themes will be chosen to replace the present ones. It has been so pleasurable, either taking new photos, or digging up images […]
  • Tales of Lima 3 – Soldiers.
    This post includes a series of photos of members of the “Fuerzas Armadas del Peru”, (the Peruvian Armed Forces). They were taken on various occasions over the last year in various locations. The photos are accompanied by some of the […]
  • The Public Toilet Awards 2022!
    Happy New Year to everyone! After exhaustive research, here at last are the long awaited results for the Public Toilet awards 2022. AWARD FOR MOST IMPROVED TOILET This year the prize goes to…… The Grand Hotel Bolivar situated in the […]
  • A Bit of Everything 9
    Another week and seven more photos from the “Friends of Photoblog” daily challenge, a great excuse to get the camera out and also revise ones photo archives. Above, (Monday-Portraits/People) a moment of rest from unloading lorries in the market of […]
  • Tales of Lima 2 – Larco Mar
    After the attempted coup last week, Peru is now in a state of crisis. In the provinces and the centre of Lima, the police and army are attempting to maintain order. It is therefore not the most convenient time to […]
  • A Bit of Everything 8
    Another week of selected photos for the “Friends of Photoblog” daily challenge. Above, the choice for category “Shapes and Shadows”.  Always so amazed by the roof of the Gran Hotel Bolivar in the centre of Lima. As you wait for […]
  • Coup d’Etat – Peru
    Yesterday there was an attempted coup here in Peru. Luckily, as there were no World Cup matches, we were able to give this event our full attention. It was over very quickly and we now have a new president, the […]
  • Soldiers 1
    These photos were taken during a visit to Jerusalem. There was at that time added tension in the city, as access to the Dome of the Rock, an important Islamic worshippng site had been temporarily restricted.
  • A Bit of Everything 7
    Week 7 of my photos for the “Friends of Photoblog” challenge. Every week, seven themes (one per day) and seven photos. To start off with, the theme PORTRAITS/PEOPLE. This portrait was taken in the Ecuadorian town of Saquisili. Had to […]
  • Miracle Eyes
    Looking at things with “miracle eyes”? We see beautiful scenic views, we see impressive buildings and works of art. With a quick  click we  take our photos and capture a memory.  But do we stop to see the beauty that […]
  • A Bit of Everything 6
    Seven more photos for the “Friends of Photoblog” daily challenge. First some night shots. Above, for “Wednesday Monochrome”, a photo from the “Casco Viejo” (old town) of Panama City. And secondly, one from my daily walk along the sea front […]
  • Tales of Lima – Gran Hotel Bolivar
    The “Gran Hotel Bolivar” is situated in the heart of downtown Lima on one of the major squares, Plaza San Martin. It is not just a hotel, but the expression of living history. Indeed, to enter this beautiful building, and […]
  • A Bit of Everything 5
    Week 5 of my selection of photos for the “Friends of Photoblog” daily challenge, starting with “Sunday – Nature”,  a photo of seagulls having a friendly gossip, ignoring the golden globe in the sky behind them. MONDAY – PORTRAITS AND […]
  • Stood Up in Starbucks
    Ever been stood up! Ever thought, “Well, this might be the end?” It happens to us all. It happened to me …. and here is a link to my song about one such happening. This, video, ladies and gentlemen, filmed […]
  • A Bit of Everything 4
    This week’s selection for the “Friends of Photoblog” weekly challenge. Above, the photo for “Sunday – Nature”….. Monkey business! Climbing up to a hilltop temple in Sri Lanka, I came across these two monkeys. I wish I had friends like […]
  • Around Pucallpa
    (Pucallpa, a Peruvian town situated on the Ucayali River in the Amazonian rainforest.) In my last post, I concentrated on Pucallpa as an important river port. But what is life like in the villages and surrounding settlements? From the town, […]
  • Moonlight – a song
    The moon evokes so many thoughts and emotions. Yet even when it is obscured from sight with the darkness of clouds, you know, its guiding light is still there and never deserts your mind. I wrote this song a few […]
  • A Bit of Everything 3
    Seven more photos for the “Friends of Photoblog” weekly challenge. The photo above is for SUNDAY- NATURE. These sea- lions have incredibly loud voices but have yet to work out how to sing in harmony. They live on the rocky […]
  • Pucallpa – Puerto Henry
    Pucallpa is an important port in Peru, even though it is about 500 km. inland from the coast. It is crucial for the transport of goods from Lima to the city of Iquitos, an important town in the Peruvian jungle. […]
  • A Bit of Everything 2
    So, week 2 of my posts in the “Friends of Photoblog” challenge. Good fun, taking new photos or searching the archives for forgotten moments. Above, the shot for “Monday – People and Places. This was taken during the incredible, “Fiesta […]
  • A Bit of Everything!
    The Friends of Photoblog Challenge The  members of the site “PHOTOBLOG”, were all surprised and disappointed when one day, it mysteriously disappeared from Internet. As a result, the page “Friends of Photoblog” was kindly created as a “group”  on Facebook,  […]
  • In Bosnia – Never too late to learn!
    A couple of months ago, I was driving along the Bosnian backroads towards Sarajevo. The last time I had visited this beautiful old town was when I was seventeen. There was no car-hire for me then of course, for my quest was […]
  • The Battle of Dos de Mayo
    In every town in Peru there is at least one street named “Dos de Mayo” (May 2nd) This is in remembrance of the great naval combat that took place off the port of Callao between Spain and Peru in 1866. […]
  • Wedding at Colquepata
    We stumbled on the wedding preparations by chance when we stopped  in the small village of Colquepata,  a small village in the Sierra near Cuzco. We had just  set off a few hours previously from Paucartambo, where we had been celebrating […]
  • The Riot Next Door
    Where I Live! As I have mentioned in previous posts, I live in a quiet area of Miraflores, Lima near to the cliffs overlooking the ocean.  Next door, is a wonderful, iconic bookshop called “El Virrey” It is the kind […]
  • The Murder of a Poem
    I am fortunate enough to live just a couple of minutes from the clifftop parks of Lima. These parks spread like a green ribbon for various kilometres, providing spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. I often stroll along, enjoying the […]
  • Cockney ATM in East London
    Got a minute? ‘Ave a butcher’s at this before you go to uncle Ned. Went down the frog  with one of my chinas to get some bread from the ATM. Don’t get into a two and eight if you don’t […]
  • Pot’s Family – Cambodia
    Arrival in Phom Penh I went to Cambodia in 2006 with my eldest daughter, Joanna. We arrived on a cheap flight from Bangkok and from the airport took two motor-bike taxis to  an area of  Phnom Penh which had many […]
  • Gaviota
    A song about the paths we take, the opportunities that come our way and the people who may or may not accompany us as they fly on their own personal journeys.
  • Me and The Cricket Tradition
    A couple of weeks ago on a hot summer afternoon in Fulham, London  I saw these young people playing cricket in the park. I sat down and watched as the batsman tried to whack the ball as far as possible […]
  • Seasons
    Having lived away from the for UK for many years, I have missed the changing of the seasons, something that before, I largely took for granted. In my hometown, Lima, the sun sets at around the same time every day […]
  • King Charles arrives at Buckingham Palace
    The nation is mourning the death of our dear monarch, Elizabeth II. Charles, now King, accompanied by the Queen Consort, Camila, left Balmoral Castle in Scotland this morning returning to Buckingham Palace this afternoon. Thousands surrounded the Palace as many […]
  • Haircut!
    I don’t know much about barbers. First of all I have little hair. Secondly, when I now go along the street to Percy’s barber shop, I sit down in the chair and automatically fall asleep. No instructions, no indications. Percy […]
  • Travels with Mango the Chihuahua
    The Quest I have always felt relaxed about travelling, the good experiences outweighing by far any difficult times. The thrill of being on the move was never daunting, even after a high-speed head-on collision suffered in Guatemala and being placed […]
  • Paucartambo – Village and Villagers
    After the frenzy of the Carnival, the village returns to normal. (See last post.) At first light, the village wakes up, and people are on the move. As the sun rises the shadows shorten and the light softens and becomes […]
  • Festival – Paucartambo, Peru
    It took four days to drive from Lima to Paucartambo via Nazca, Abancay and Cuzco. We would arrive just in time for the start of the five day celebration dedicated to the village patron saint, “la Mamacha Carmen”. This Carnival, […]
  • Notting Hill Carnival 2022
    The Notting Hill Carnival, the largest street carnival in Europe, and second largest in the world after Rio de Janeiro, returned to London after a two year break due to the coronavirus pandemic. Around 50,000 performers and over a million […]
  • My First Tagine
    It was in a small market town in the foothills of the Atlas mountains of Morocco that I ate Tagine for the first time. A couple of weeks ago, revisiting Morocco, I tucked away a few more tasty Tagine dishes, […]
  • Getting started!