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Here above is a link to my song, Gaviota, which means “seagull” in Spanish. It is a song about the paths we take, the opportunities that come our way and the people who may or may not accompany us as they fly on their own personal journeys. The accompanying photos were taken on the beach “El Silencio”, forty kilometres south of Lima, a beach situated at the foot of tall cliffs and constantly pounded by the crashing waves of the Pacific. After the heat of the summer day, just before the sun disappears, the seagulls appear, soaring around in all directions. It is on one such day I took the pictures which I have now chosen to accompany this song, a fusion of music, words and images.

8 responses to “Gaviota”

  1. Just did back-to-back listenings of this Geoff over morning coffee here in Batumi. I really like it, you seem to have blended a bunch of classic artists into something distinctly you. A bit of Leonard Cohen perhaps with just a touch of Dylan and William Shatner? Thanks for sharing your work.


    1. Thanks so much! Appreciate your comments. A question…. when i was in
      Phnom Penh, many year’s ago, we stayed in a wooden hostal on stilts on the shores of a large lake. I remember sitting on the platform watching the sun set over the water Is that lake still there? Someone told me that it had disappeared and was now used for building?

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      1. Hey Geoff, I don’t recall a lake of that description in Phnom Penh. Just the glassy Mekong and it’s fancy hotel island. I think the city has changed immeasurably, even over the last decade.


      2. Hi Leighton! Mystery solved. Found answer in a 2006 Lonely Planet guide.The lake was called Boeng Kak. It mentions the “basic wooden rooms” and the great sunsets across the lake. As I mentioned before, I am working on a post from the time I was there and will include a sunset photo. However the post will be about harvesting rice, not temples… I will leave that in your skilful hands. I will give a mention to your blog though if that is ok with you.

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      3. Sure, that’s fine. Looking forward to reading your post.


  2. Me encanto la música


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