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Having lived away from the for UK for many years, I have missed the changing of the seasons, something that before, I largely took for granted. In my hometown, Lima, the sun sets at around the same time every day of the year. I can leave home on any day at 6.00 pm, walk a hundred yards to the cliff top sea front and watch the  sun magestically, disappear into the Pacific Ocean.

Just round the corner from home.

It almost never rains in Lima and  summer is pleasantly hot. The winter, although sometimes chilly, is mild, so much so  that houses, schools, hospitals etc.  do not have central heating installed. The green areas remain with little change thoughout the whole year. Summer turns to winter and winter to summer. Spring and autumn are scarcely noticed.

In contrast, the four seasons in my native England reflect the passing life of the year. The spring is the rebirth when nature comes to life after the bleakness of winter. The months pass and the year grows and matures into adulthood with the rigour of the vibrant summer.

Putney Heath

Autumn reflects old age as leaves wither and fall from the trees. Then, with the starkness of winter, we face the death of the year and the trees with  bare branches reach up and yield to the sky.

I arrived in England this year just before the recent heatwave. As always, leaving the coastal desert of Peru behind, I was overcome with the view of a thousand shades of green in every open space. I was therefore amazed to see how, within a few weeks, the lush grass could turn brown, parched from the heat and lack of water.

Sunday in Parsons Green, London – During heatwave.

The rain eventually returned with violent thunderstorms and the green areas rapidly returned to their natural vivid colour.

Two weeks later

However, I noticed that the leaves of some tree were turning brown and beginning to fall to the ground. Was this a temporary trick of nature or were the trees going through a premature celebration of Autumn? In fact, some trees had already lost nearly all their leaves.

Most of my many trips to England have been during either the winter or summer months, but never during the golden brown days of Autumn. Even now, Autumn has not truly started, and a passing jet reminds me that in a few days, I will be flying away too. However, my mind still goes spinning back to past memories of walking down country lanes with the crisp, yellow and brown leaves crackling under my footsteps. As I mention in my home page …….. wandering and wondering ……. maybe next year!


3 responses to “Seasons”

  1. Like you, I live in a part of the world that barely has any seasonal changes (California), so I can understand how it must be like to live in Lima. I’m glad you got to revisit the UK, though, to enjoy the changing of the seasons, as I agree that it’s a beautiful event to witness! Wishing you well as we segue into fall!

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  2. qué hermoso post 🙂 lo disfruté mucho 🙂

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  3. What a privilege to have that sunset “just around the corner” from your joint in Peru. We always feel like something is missing whenever we find ourselves far from the sea and sunsets like that. Nice before and after shots of Parsons Green.

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