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King Charles arrives at Buckingham Palace

The nation is mourning the death of our dear monarch, Elizabeth II. Charles, now King, accompanied by the Queen Consort, Camila, left Balmoral Castle in Scotland this morning returning to Buckingham Palace this afternoon.

Thousands surrounded the Palace as many subjects left floral tributes in the railings of the Palace.

The Royal Guard were inspected and then formed up in the courtyard in preparation for the arrival of the King.

The Union Flag was, of course, being flown at half mast.

As the King’s Guard stood ready, the flag was lowered.

And a minute later, the Royal Standard was raised. This flag is only used when the King is in residence. This meant that Charles was about to arrive.

His car came through the gates. Both Charles and Camilla went outside to see the flower tributes and meet with some of the crowd. They then walked back through the gates, and Carlos entered the Palace for the first time as King.

Outside, the flowers continued to arrive.

There were so many people, bunches of flowers had to be passed forward through the crowd to reach the front.

Others found their own ways to mourn.

Meanwhile the Press transmitted this national sadness to the whole world.

By the time I left the Palace, this beautiful image was already in place everywhere in London, including tube stations and bus-stop shelters.

Queen Elizabeth II – rest in peace!


4 responses to “King Charles arrives at Buckingham Palace”

  1. Some poignant moments you’ve captured here. What an incredible week it’s been and what a crossroads The UK now finds itself in during these challenging times, both domestically and globally. It has been fascinating and surreal to witness all this from Georgia (the country) where Sladja and I currently live. BBC News has kept me abreast of things, among other sources, and I have enjoyed your first hand look at the scenes outside Buckingham Palace.

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    1. Thanks for the comments! How long have you been living in Georgia? What are you doing there? Just arrived back in Peru after three months, The benefits of being now retired!!!

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      1. Hey Geoff, glad you got back safely and in one piece. I would quite like to be retired, but guess I have at least another twenty years ha ha. We’ve been in Georgia for just over a month and are based in the coastal city of Batumi. Another month and we’ll be transitioning into a city called Kutaisi, a few hours inland. We run our own online English language school and we develop the blog 🙂

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      2. Wow, so great flexibility for travel!

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