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I don’t know much about barbers. First of all I have little hair. Secondly, when I now go along the street to Percy’s barber shop, I sit down in the chair and automatically fall asleep. No instructions, no indications. Percy with his magic scissors knows exactly what to do and will wake me up when the job is done.

But what about other places in Peru. In some town, the ” open door” barber shops have enabled me to capture other experiences. Here for instance one evening in the mountain town of Huancavelica.

And also from the town of Tingo Maria, in the high jungle, where one side of the main square is full of busy hair snippers.

For some, a haircut is not so much fun despite what Mum and Dad say!
Double header…..I’ll settle for one of those designs on the right!
Here you can get a haircut as well as buying a handbag and a bra at the same time.
A brief pause as lunch is delivered.
Sign says, “We buy long hair!” Sorry, can’t help you there!
Waiting for customers.
Working into the evening.

And then, back in Lima, a visit to the barber, this time accompanying my grandson, Noa. As they say, “Hair today, gone tomorrow!”

The look that says, What is he doing to me!”

7 responses to “Haircut!”

  1. Some really fun and vibrant shots here, Geoff. If I think back to all the haircuts I’ve had on the road in various countries over the last 25 years or so… A few of your photographs remind me of a street barber I once visited in Hanoi. Hoping to get my own haircut experience in Peru one of these years.

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  2. The universal response of kids to haircuts is hilarious! Great shots, Geoff, and such fun “people watching”.


    1. Thanks John! Fun seeing the every-day things. Lovely people and happenings all around us every day, if only we could always see things with miracle eyes! So often, in this busy life, we fail to have time to take everything in, which leads us to be blinkered by what surrounds us. Luckily we have our cameras which allow us to slow down and open our eyes.


  3. I love these photos….reminds me of a local guy who comes out with his chair and tools into the streets of downtown Speingfield whenever there is some sort of a street functions going on.

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    1. Thanks Camellia! The great thing is that these shops are open to the street, no doors or walls. In the morning they just roll up the metal padlocked security blind, and they are ready to go. Most of these photos were taken in a town, Tingo Maria, crossing the Andes and descending into the high jungle.


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