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Paucartambo – Village and Villagers

After the frenzy of the Carnival, the village returns to normal. (See last post.) At first light, the village wakes up, and people are on the move.

As the sun rises the shadows shorten and the light softens and becomes warmer.

And the people of Paucartambo go about their their daily chores and fill the streets and market.

A word of warning! In the time of the Carnival the few hotels are fully booked. On arriving, one has to look for rooms in private houses. Although this is an interesting option……..beware…..make sure the toilets are working!!

The sign, translated into English reads ……”Pour water after sh*tting.” And underneath, the bad news ……”Toilet out of order. The owner.” Planning to go back next year to this wonderful place, but might book somewhere to stay beforehand this time!

4 responses to “Paucartambo – Village and Villagers”

  1. We loved visiting that site and great images.


    1. Such a small vIllage for such an enormous carnival. The people live all year looking forward to the next Carnival. Such a friendly atmosphere and vibrant atmosphere. Will be going again next July but this time I’ll fly to Cisco and go on from there rather than the four day car journey.


  2. The daily life, so interesting


    1. Thanks Peter! So glad to be participating in Friends of Photoblog. Thanks for opening up my link!


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